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'Summer' on camera!

Summer !

Summer-Ir Sh Ch Aurichalcum Miss Tified Ledgands JW Ir Jun Ch

summer 2012

Summer BIS

Show Champion
Aurichalcum Miss Tified Ledgands
JW, Ir Jnr Ch, EW'11, Esg'11, Bsg'11

21st May 2009 - 14th March 2013
Breeder: Miss Linda Westron
Sire: New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoeiro at Aurichalcum Dam: Ch /Ir Ch Aurichalcum The Avenger JW
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CC - Judge: Patsy Hollings
German Champion
Luxembourg Champion
International Show Champion

at Bundessieger International Show, Dortmund
3rd Best In Show at Dutch National Show, Leeuwarden
Dutch Show Champion, Centenary Show Champion
Centenary Winner
, Centenary European Winner

Irish Dancer
Green StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen StarGreen StarIrish Dancer
reserve green starreserve green starreserve green starreserve green starreserve green star

  • 11th May' 12: BOB, UK CC & CAC at German National, Dortmund, Germany
  • 16th October '11: Reserve Best In Show at Bundessieger International Show, Dortmund
  • 15th October '11: RBOB & CAC at German National Show, Dortmund
  • 14th October '11: Grp1, BOB, CAC & CACIB at Bundessieger International Show, Dortmund
  • 12th October '11: 1st Champion Stakes at Gundog Society of Wales Champ Show
  • 2nd September '11: 3rd BIS, Grp1, BOB, CAC, CACIB at Dutch National SHow, Leeuwarden, Holland
  • 28th August '11: Grp1, BOB, CAC & CACIB at Rotterdam All Breed International Champ Show, Holland
  • 18th August '11: RBOB & Bitch Green Star at Limerick All Breed Champ Show, Ireland
  • 8th Mar '11: BOB, CAC, CACIB at FCI VDH Europasieger Show, Dortmund
  • 7th May '11: BOB, CAC, CACIB at FCI Centenary Winners International Show, Dortmund
  • 1st May '11: BOB & Bitch Green Star & CACIB at Fermoy All Breed Int Show, Clomel, Ireland
  • 28th November '10: RBOB, CAC & CACIB at Amsterdam Winners Show
  • 21st November '10: RBOB, CAC & CACIB at Eurodogshow, Kortrijk Belgium
  • 13th November '10: RBOB & Bitch Green Star at Cloghran All Breed Champ Show, Ireland
  • 16th October '10: RBOB & Bitch Green Star at Portadown Canine Club Champ Show, Ireland
  • 12th September '10: Green Star and Best Junior In Show at National All Breed Champ Show, Ireland
  • 21st August '10: Best of Breed and Green Star at Tralee & District Champ Show, Ireland
  • 19th August '10: Reserve Green Star at Limerick and District Champ Show, Ireland
  • 4th July '10: Reserve Green Star at Irish Ladies Kennel Association Champ Show, Ireland
  • 3rd July '10: Group 2, BOB & Bitch Green Star at Bray & District Champ Show, Ireland
  • 27th June '10: Summer becomes Irish Junior Champion at Deise Canine Club Show, Ireland
  • 26th June '10: Bitch Green Star at Kilkenny & District Canine Club Show, Ireland
  • 6th June '10: Reserve Green Star at Cork & District All Breed Champ Show, Ireland
  • 2nd May '10: Reserve Green Star at Irish Pointer Club Show, Ireland
  • 18th April 2010: Bitch Green Star at Banbridge and District Championship Show, Ireland
  • 3rd April '10: Reserve Bitch Green Star at Combined Canine Club International Champ Show, Ireland
  • 28th December '09: Bitch Green Star at Dublin Dog Show Society Championship Show, Ireland
  • Summer is joint Sothern Pointer Club TOP POINTER 2009
  • 27th November '09: Best Puppy In Show at SPC Open Show.
  • 25th November '09: Best Puppy & Best in Match at Detling Ringcraft.

Summer joined the Ledgands household in July 2009 and kept us on our toes...as well as the other dogs on theirs.

She always tried to be the dominant dog of the house...but underneath this was a real softy. Summer like all Pointers, loved nothing more than to be cuddled on the settee where she would settle for hours given half the chance.

Summer had a great nose for birds and all sorts of moving life!! She was always stalking in the field. Her view was that if it moves, it was fair game....and if it doesn't move, she'd make it.

Summer was campaigned in Southern Ireland and gained lots of Green Stars and Reserve Green Stars. As a result of all these Irish wins, Summer became both an Irish Junior Champion and an Irish Show Champion.

On the continent, Summer went down a storm. She gained many CACs (like our CC's) and CACIBs in different countries, often taking Best of Breed too. Because of her wins at both the Dortmund and Leeuwarden European Winners Dog Shows she became, amongst other things, an FCI Centenary Show Champion and an FCI Centenary European Winner.

In one week (late August/early September 2011) Summer won Best of Breed and Group 1 in Rotterdam, and then went on to take Best of Breed, Group 1 and a fantastic 3rd BEST IN SHOW at the Dutch National Dog Show in Leeuwarden, Nothern Holland and this has made her a Dutch Show Champion. In the same week she won Best of Breed at the European Winners Dog show held at the same venue. WOW it was almost all too much to take in !

During 2012, she won her first UK CC under judge Patsy Hollings.

We are devastated to have to tell you all that we have had to say goodbye to our dearest, beloved Summer. She now rests over rainbow bridge after she was diagnosed with a non-operable brain tumor.

We thank Summer's breeder Linda Westron for allowing Summer to lighten our lives. We also thank all the judges who thought so highly of Summer and for all those of you who followed her career with interest.

May Summer run free forever with Anakin and Reebok.


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