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KyloKylo's head at 13 months

Kylo Kylo stacked at 11 weeks

KyloKylo at 8 weeks

KyloKylo at 6 weeks

Ledgands The Force Awakens

Born: 18th September 2015 Breeder: Home bred
Sire: Sh Ch & Multi Sh Ch Ledgands Magic N Mayhem Dam: Solivia's Champagne Diva at Ledgands
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Kylo stacked

Kylo is just a great big softie - a loving and yet, lolloping oaf !

If ever a dog could be the double of his dad, this would be it - he was known as 'Lemon Nemo' until he was 6 weeks old.

If you go to see the dogs, Kylo will always reach out his paw to try and 'high five' you, as like Candi, he wants your attention. He is happiest out in the field - he has a very strong bird instinct and is always scenting the air for some fun to be had. Just like his dad, he is usually found dancing on his hind legs alongside the hedge or near the trees as he tries to locate all the birdies. What fun he has doing this.

Of course, being in the company of Candi, his litter sister, Kylo is constantly part of the double troube crew as they run around the field with their toys and each other. The other thing that always has Kylo's interest is our cat, 'Kitty'. He can stand for hours just watching her every move - he is fascinated by her.

Kylo has been lightly shown to date, but we are hoping that in 2017 and beyond, you will all be seeing much more of him on the show circuit...and of course, we'll be keeping you up to date on his progress.

Thanks for stopping by to meet Kylo. x

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