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'The Minx' on camera!

Ledgands Pointers - China

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China - "Lynwater Sprinter Among Ledgands"

9th January 2004 - 17th October 2016
Breeder: Mrs E Maclean
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Sire: Ch Crookrise Hi-Jack Dam: Lynwater On Track

We collected our little "China Girl" from Edinburgh the day after Crufts (March 04) and our house was not the same.

China's explored all the nooks and crannies of both the house, garden and greenhouse - which she must have been pleased with as over the years as she has bought us many presents of: snails, bark, leaves, pea shingle.. in fact, you name it... if it fitted into her mouth, China brought it in!

Her boisterous, playful nature has also earned her the apt name of "The Minx" as she really did give Reebok and Anakin some stick - and without any fear. She was constantly pushing her luck with Reebok by nibbling his ears, tail, feet and sometimes those private parts! She had a bad habit of hanging from the underside of Reeboks chin! Poor doggy!

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China has been on holiday in Ireland - taking part in Ireland's Munster Circuit in 2005. She did very well and always got good placings. At the Birmingham Champ Show on Sunday 4th September 2005 she won 1st in Yearling Bitch. Thanks go to judge Aidene Howes.

She loved being near all those open fields. Once you let her off the lead, she'd be across that field looking for birds. Funnily enough, you could tell where she was by the movement of the birds. It was just fab to watch her at work - and she loved it !

She had a really strong hunting instinct and was always on the look out for birds, moths, flies fact if it had wings and it was in the vacinity of China, it had to watch out. When we're out in the field and she was off the lead, she'd go deaf once she spotted a bird.

China and Reebok helped us collect blackberries and damsons from our fast as we could pick and drop them, they would both eat them. They just loved eating fruit! Mad or what!!

China passed away on Monday 17th October 2016. She was a FANTASTIC mummy, super granny and is missed so very much by us all.

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