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Candi with her toy at 6 weeks

Candi free stacking at 8 weeks

Candi's lovely head as a pupster

Ir Sh Ch Ledgands Magic N Mayhem
Candi on the move at 9 months

Ledgands Senator Padme

Born: 18th September 2015 Breeder: Home bred
Sire: Sh Ch & Multi Sh Ch Ledgands Magic N Mayhem Dam: Solivia's Champagne Diva at Ledgands
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Candi stacked at 9 months

Candi definately takes after her nanny, China - of that there is no doubt!

Candi is very lively in the house and out in the field, with her nose serving her very well, as she sniffs out everything!!She is all too often seen up the field with her head in the bushes lookng for exciting treasure - and then if she finds any, she's not really up for sharing it with the other dogs.

She is very birdy, always on the look out for her feather friend to terrorise and toment. One thing she loves is to play hard with Kylo - she is quite aware that he is her brother and so outside, they will play for hours...or at least until she is bored and finds something better to do.

Like all Pointers, Candi wants all the attention and cuddles. She will jump up and down on the spot like a kangeroo, until she gets your attention. She can often be found snuggled up in bed with one of the other Ledgands - Candi is certainly not one for sleeping in a bed on her lonesome. If she cannot get on the bed with the others, she has mastered ways of squeezing in so that she is not missing out on the shared heat and family affection.

Candi is the alarm clock amongst them all - letting us know when it is feeding time! Funny how she is able to tell the time by the lack of contents in her belly lol !!

Just because of work pressures, Candi attended one championship show and won her class amongst strong competition. Hopfully in 2017 and beyond, Candi will be out on the show circuit so will keep you up to date with her progress.

Thanks for stopping by to meet Candi. x


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