Click here to go to a printable version of the Labrador Retriever breed standards. Click here to go back to the Ledgands Gundogs homepage Chest: Just wide enough for plenty of heart room.  Brisket: In line with elbows. Ribs: Well sprung, gradually falling away at loin. Loin: Strong, muscular and slightly arched. Lips: Well developed. Cheeks Bones: Not prominent. Eyes: Same distance from occiput to nostril. Bright and friendly. Hazel or brown - according to coat colour. Stop: Well defined. Muzzle: Somewhat concave, ending on a level with nostrils giving a slightly dished faced appearance. Nostrils: Wide, soft and Skull: Medium breadth and in proportion to length of foreface. Occiput: Pronounced. Ears: Set fairly high and close to the head. Medium length - usually pointed at tips. Body: short coupled. Shoulders: Long, sloping and well laid back. Neck: slightly arched, long, muscular, little excess skin. Front legs: Straight, Firm, good oval bone. Back sinews strong and visible. Knee Joints: Flat with front of leg protruding very little on inside. Pasterns: Lengthy, Strong and resilient. Feet: Oval and compact with arched toes. Well cushioned underneath. Thighs: Wide and muscular. Stifles: well turned; Hocks: Well let down, close to ground. Tail: Medium Length.Thick at base slowly tapering to a point. Carried level with back. Lashing from side to side when on the move.